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Nursery & Garden

- 3 Time Winner of The Sun's Reader's Choice Best Florist -

Here at Broadview we have all you could need to make your home blooming and beautiful this summer.

Our greenhouses and store are kept fully stocked and are bursting with colors to fill your home with summer joy! 

If we can offer you suggestions ,or if you are simply looking to get your home ready for the summer, we'd love to help!

Garden Shop

You will find everything you could possibly want!


  • Seasonal Candles

  • Potting Soil and Pots

  • Houseplants

  • Gift Certificates

  • Home decorations

  • Garden Decor

  • Chimes

  • Great place for sophisticated gift options

Black Soil

Lawn & Garden

Mulch and soils are sold in both bagged and bulk and can be delivered as well as picked up.

Bagged products include but are not limited to: 

  • Miracle Gro Garden Soils and Potting Mix

  • Organic Compost

  • Manure

  • Mainly Mulch

  • Top Soil

  • Pine Bark, Cedar & Black Mulches


Our bulk products include:


  • Local Top Soil 

  • Organic Mushroom Compost

  • Black & Pine Bark Mulch


We are proud to announce that we now carry the organic mulch SweetPeet in both bulk and bags!

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